All our trainers are volunteers who are passionate about dogs and there training. Our training methods are based on motivation and reward. Our aim is to help you to train your dog to become a sociable and well mannered pet that is a pleasure to own.

The Kennel Club Puppy Foundation course is a 6 weeks course for puppies up to and including 5 months, It covers all aspects of owning and training a puppy. You can find more by going on our LINK page.

For dogs 6 months and over and people who are new to dog training we have our New Handlers course, It is an 8 week course which gives you a good foundation in basic training methods.

The follow on classes from the New Handlers course are all based around the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme. There are three levels , Bronze, Silver and Gold, When the instructor thinks you are both ready you can take the test for each level and gain your certificate on passing.

Find more about the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme by going to our LINKS page.

For those that want to go that step further we have a starters competition class. Most of our trainers regular compete at obedience shows and some have actually qualified for the Crufts obedience championships offering you a wealth of experience. There is a Link to Obedience Uk that gives you all the information for shows and local Fun shows.

Our club holds open obedience shows and fun days if you are interested look on our events page.

Those that stay at the club may first go on to attend and 'compete' in those Fun Dog Shows that have Obedience Classes. For the majority of Fun Shows you just 'show up' and enter a Class on the day, for which you pay a nominal entrance fee, which generally goes to clubs funds (note that most DTCs are non-profit making).

To join at NHDTC you don't have to register your dog with the Kennel Club, nor to enter Companion Shows. However, when you compete in Club Matches with other KC registered clubs or enter Limit or Open Shows, your dog has to be registered (even rescue dogs, and crossbreeds have to be registered in their case, under the Obedience and Working Trials register).

After working a basic dog obedience course, such as the Good Citizen Dog Scheme, you may want to try your hand at more advanced obedience training, and in due course, test your progress by entering your dog in an Obedience competition at one of the hundreds of Obedience Shows held across the UK throughout the year.

Dog training clubs are usually very sociable, where groups of like-minded people meet on a regular basis, and get great enjoyment in training their pets. Most clubs will have a cross-section of breeds (including crossbreeds) and will welcome all standards of handlers and dogs to be trained.

There are six 'classes' - levels of competitive obedience - available for entry at Obedience shows. New handlers will start in the basic Pre-Beginners and Beginners Classes; as you become more experienced you can qualify for the higher classes right up to Class C, the highest (and most difficult). Each class contains a set of exercises which the judge will ask you and your dog to perform.

More details about the different classes can be found on the Kennel Club Web site